Unelectable You

Slate and Second City present: Live, political comedy show ‘Unelectable You’ to play Proctors Oct. 28

Slate, the daily web magazine that seeks to explain and analyze the world in a provocative, witty, and intelligent way, has partnered with renowned Chicago-based comedy theater The Second City, to produce a traveling, election-themed live political comedy show, which will be coming to Proctors for one night only, 8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 28. Tickets for “Unelectable You,” $20–$50, are available now at the Box Office at Proctors, 432 State Street, Schenectady; by phone at 518.346.6204; and online at proctors.org.

In addition to the talents of The Second City, the legendary institution that’s incubated America’s best comedic talent for over 50 years, the Slate/Second City collaboration will incorporate Slate writers and personalities into each show. Comprising both scripted and improvisational portions, the production will explore topics such as campaign trail scandals, what makes a candidate “electable,” how voters consume political news, and much more.

The “Unelectable You” creative team includes veteran Second City director Matt Hovde and writers Steve Waltien, Tyler Alexander, Billy Bungeroth, Marla Caceres, Ed Furman, Scott Morehead, Carley Moseley and John Thibodeaux. The design team includes William Boles (Set), Heather Gilbert (Lighting), Jesse Case (Sound and Composition), Mike Tutaj (Projections) and Raquel Adorno (Costumes).

“As countless runners up have learned, being qualified is not the same as being ‘electable,’ says Hovde. “Unelectable You is a shout out to the fractured and confusing process we have of choosing a leader, as viewed through the lenses of Slate and Second City.”

“Over 20 years, covering six presidential elections, Slate has always been just as interested in the comedy of the campaign trail as in its drama,” says Dan Kois, Slate’s culture editor. “We’re thrilled to work with a troupe as skilled, smart, and passionate as The Second City to give our readers and podcast fans a brand new live-show experience full of the full-throated commentary they love.”

To learn more visit www.unelectableyou.com.