Proctors Clearance Sale, July 10–13

Benefits School of the Performing Arts at Proctors

SCHENECTADY, N.Y.—JUNE 29, 2018—Proctors opened on State Street in 1926, and recently celebrated its 90th anniversary. With a landmark like that comes some soul-searching, some reminiscing and, ideally, some housekeeping.

There was, it turns out, some random stuff in the basement. And some stuff from the Gift Centre, too.

July 10–12 Proctors will host, in Key Hall, a Clearance Sale, featuring memorabilia, fixtures, lost dogs and who knows what! Seriously, even we don’t know yet quite what will end up on the block.

But retailers looking to outfit their shop will surely find something useful. History buffs might take home significant booty. And bargain hunters will definitely end up with something in their bag.

On Friday, July 13, in participation with Schenectady SummerNight, the sale will move into the Arcade at Proctors, and the final hours will be marked by slashing discounts. It all goes! Everything!

While providing fun for shoppers of all stripes, the Proctors Clearance Sale will also directly benefit students throughout the region by supporting The School of Performing Arts at Proctors.

The Gift Centre at Proctors will be open during the Clearance Sale.

Hours for the Clearance Sale at Proctors will be Noon–5 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, June 10–12, and Noon–7 p.m. Friday, June 13.

Proctors is located at 432 State Street, Schenectady.