Hall of Fame

Proctors home to Entertainment Hall of Fame

Honoring pioneers and performing artists with ties to the Capital Region

The Capital Region Entertainment Hall of Fame at Proctors recognizes individuals or entities with strong local ties that have contributed to the rich legacy of arts, culture and entertainment in the Capital Region. Plaques are located on the first floor of Proctors near the Box Office and the G.E. Theatre.

September 2008 inductees

TV pioneer Ernst F. Alexanderson

 Swedish-American electrical engineer Ernst F.W. Alexanderson (1878 – 1975) was a pioneer in early radio…Read more.



Oldest continuously operating TV station CBS6-WRGB

CBS6-WRGB is America’s pioneer television station – the oldest continually operating TV station in the world. Read more



Film legend Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas, the quintessential Hollywood hard guy, was born in 1916 to Russian Jewish immigrant parents in Amsterdam, N.Y. Read more.



Dean of vaudeville managers Frederick Freeman Proctor

Frederick Freeman Proctor (1851 – 1929) was an early pioneer of continuous vaudeville – 12 hours of revolving performances…Read more



Filmmaker John Sayles

John Sayles, born in Schenectady (1950), is one of America’s original and most respected independent filmmakers. Read more.



Actress Maureen Stapleton

Troy N.Y. native Maureen Stapleton (1925 – 2006), a renowned actress, is perhaps best known for her Academy Award-winning role as…Read more



New York State’s first radio station WGY

WGY is New York State’s first radio station and one of the nation’s oldest. Its 50,000-watt radio signal…Read more



Actor Monty Woolley

Monty Woolley (1888 – 1963) was the son of a successful hotel magnate with grand hotels in New York City and Saratoga Springs. Read more



September 2009 inductees

Vicarious Visions founders Guha and Karthick Bala

Founded in 1990 by brothers Karthik and Guha Bala while they were still in high school, Menands-based Vicarious Visions…Read more.



Shear Madness creators Bruce Jordan and Marilyn Abrams

“Shear Madness” is America’s longest running non-musical play. Longtime theatrical partners Marilyn Abrams and Bruce Jordan…Read more.



Wicked author Gregory Maguire

Author Gregory Maguire, born in Albany N.Y., in 1954, has written many acclaimed fantasy novels and short stories…Read more.



Actress Maureen O’Sullivan

Maureen O’Sullivan (1911 – 1998), who at one time resided in Niskayuna, N.Y., was considered to Ireland’s first film star. Read more



September 2010 inductees

Adirondack Studios founders Chris Detmer and Tom Lloyd

In 1975, Chris Detmer and Tom Lloyd moved their tools from NYC to Warrensburg and founded Adirondack Scenic, Inc. Read more.



Trick rider Edwin “Poodles” Hanneford

“Poodles” (1891 – 1967), from a circus family in Barnsley, England, became one of the world’s greatest trick horse riders. Read more.



TV chef Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray has parlayed her cooking birthright into a wildly successful career as a syndicated television star…Read more.



September 2011 inductees

Broadway actress Carolee Carmello

Carolee Carmello, an Albany native and graduate of the Albany Public School System and UAlbany, has appeared in 10 Broadway shows…Read more.



Actor/director Kevin McGuire

Kevin McGuire, born in Cambridge, N.Y. and raised in Hoosick Falls, has played lead roles on Broadway…Read more.



The Costumer entrepreneurs Kathe and Jack Sheehan

Nationally famous and locally beloved, The Costumer has been a major force in the costume industry since 1917…Read more.



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Carolee Carmello at Finding Neverland © 2015 Gary Vorwald (CC BY-SA 2.0
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