Kathe and Jack Sheehan

Nationally famous and locally beloved, The Costumer has been a major force in the costume industry since 1917, serving vaudeville, Broadway, TV and films. It is one of the oldest costume shops in the country, started by Ms. Anna White – three years before she had the right to vote.

Since 1974, when Jack and Kathe Sheehan bought the business, The Costumer has outfitted stars including Chevy Chase, Kiss and the cast of “Stepmom,” but its primary mission has been to support scholastic theater. The Sheehans, both former teachers and high school drama directors, developed their successful niche business based on extensive personal experience with producing school plays. During the past show season, the produced over 30,000 costumes for over 1,000 shows throughout the U.S., including scholastic, collegiate, civic and professional.

Jack Sheehan died in October 2006. The Costumer continues to walk costumes across the street to Proctors, continuing the 93-year tradition.