Tony’s Watch Party

Community members watched the Tony Awards together on the big screen in GE Theatre at Proctors in Schenectady Sunday, June 11, 2017.

Theatre lovers gathered to enjoy free food, good company and to watch the Tony’s on the big screen.

When you love something, you share it with your friends.

That’s why Proctors once again hosted a Tony Awards watch party in the GE Theatre at Proctors. Like any good host they provided good food, and of course, tiny bottles of bubbles on every table.

Samara Finkle was six when she saw her first Broadway Show. It was Beauty and the Beast, and from then on she was hooked on theatre.

This year Finkle, now a recent grad from The College of Saint Rose and social media intern for Proctors, got her chance to share her love for Broadway with the community. She helped plan the Tony’s watch party and made sure the tables were festive — filled with candy, playbills and of course those tiny bottles of bubbles.

The real joy for Finkle came from watching members of the community come together to enjoy and celebrate theatre. 

“You could see people really light up during the Dear Evan Hansen performance,” Finkle said. 

What stuck with her personally was the performance from Come from Away. 

“I think it’s a musical we really need a this time about welcoming people regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation,” Finkle said. 

The theatre is a welcoming community, she said. Everyone is accepted here.

As the buffet of food emptied, the table of door prizes became scarce and the evening came to a close, Finkle was exhausted. But she’d do it again in a heartbeat, she said.

She loves sharing her passion for theatre with others — and one day she hopes to be at the Tony’s in their social media room, sharing that love with the world.