Eclipse party

Proctors staff members share Moon Pies and specialty glasses while watching the peak of the eclipse behind the theatre in Schenectady Friday, August 21, 2017.

Proctors employees hold impromptu viewing party on the plaza.

It seemed like a typical summer afternoon.

People milled around in small groups, chatting on the plaza behind Proctors. 

Then the funky glasses and Moon Pies showed up, and the party got started.

Sure, Schenectady wasn’t anywhere near the path of the total eclipse. But it was still all anyone was talking about, and something Proctors group sales representative Heather Rutski wasn’t going to miss.

Most people on the plaza hadn’t gotten around to buying the glasses needed to watch the eclipse safely. But Rutski had, and she’d brought enough to share.

As she doled out eclipse glasses and enough Moon Pies to feed a small army, people got their first glimpse of the moon crossing in front of the sun.

“Oh my god!”


“Did you see it?”

As each person tried the glasses, a fresh wave of excitement passed through the crowd.

Soon it wasn’t just Proctors employees, but people passing through the plaza and construction workers from the building who were taking their turns with glasses and stuffing Moon Pies in their mouths.

Almost as quickly as it began, it was over. 

The plaza cleared. 

But the awe of the moment and the feeling of an experience shared lingered, with the help of Rutski’s glasses and Moon Pies.