Rochmon Record Club Returns to Proctors!

Rochmon Record Club is returning to Proctors on Saturday, October 6 for Rochmon Record Club Presents Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

We sat down with Chuck Vosganian aka “Rochmon” to find out more about Rochmon and what to expect during this special event.

What is Rochmon Record Club?
“The greatest show you will ever come to. Just kidding. It’s digging into the stories about the albums, stories, and songs on what I listened to as a kid. It’s all based on my love of Rock and Roll. I have that overbearing sense that music can change everything. When people walk into a Rochmon Club, they are one of 100 people. When they leave, they are part of a community now. Music brings everyone together. Everyone is changed by the experience.”

What is your favorite song on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band?
“A Day in the Life. It’s a peak behind the curtain. There was a lot of production work; they spared nothing. It’s genius from the beginning to the very end. What other band has the guts to end the song on one giant note? It happens in front of you the whole time. We experience it in different ways, framed within life. Music gives you a snapshot all in your head.”  

In your research for this show, what was one of the more interesting pieces of history you found out about the creation of this album?
“By this album, all of the members were starting to work independently. Ringo Starr was bored stiff during the production of this album. He said the best thing that came out of this album was that he learned how to play chess. Starr didn’t get a chance to do much. When they were touring, everyone had their job to do, but in the studio, he wasn’t needed. But it didn’t stop him from going to the studio everyday which is how “A Little Help from my Friends” happened.”